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Check Wheels for new components.

Nana Script Utilities is a set of useful Script-based tools which include:
  • A Mini AJAX Framework providing some OO style programming features. (under working)
  • A few code snippets provide interesting features in web development. (under working)
  • JScript libraries provide some common features could be used in WSH / HTA applications. (under working)
  • Some WSH / HTA -based utilities help in coding and Windows Management.

This project current recommands Über Write module for fixing the behavior of document.write.
This project also has JSMin.hta CHS Rel.1 and JavaScript Secret Code Engine For Easter Egg Use you can download.

The "Nana" in the project name stands for "7" in Japanese, which makes the project mainly targeting Windows 7 in its WSH / HTA parts.
It was original in the project starter(Nanalich)'s nickname used in some online communities as a part.

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